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Customize Your Locator

Customize the look and feel of your store locator to match your brand.

Customize Your Locator

There are many more customizable settings than listed below but we wanted to highlight the most used. To create the perfect locator, we suggest you take a look at all the settings and see which suit your needs. You can find these settings under SETTINGS → CONFIGURATION.

Brand Colors

Match the locator colors to fit your brand's guidelines.

Display Fields

Add any additional information you want to display about your store locations. There are a number of additional fields that can be added to the list view and the popup view of your locations. All options can be found under the "List" section of the configuration options.

Usability Preferences

Customize the text and layout of your store locator to best suit your users.

Now that your locator is customized, you're ready to install it! Follow this link for easy instructions on how to add the locator to your site.