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Integrating Monetate

    Setup #

    Before you begin, you’ll need to extend the Analytics Manager connector for Monetate by following the instructions in our Monetate setup guide.

    Previewing a PWA with Monetate #

    Here’s how to preview your PWA with a Monetate experience:

    1. Run Mobify Preview on your desktop site with the All Tabs option turned on.

    2. Login to your Monetate account

    3. Create a new Action, Event, or Target

    Note: To stop Mobify Preview, click on the Clear Preview Cookie with the Site URL filled in.

    Creating Monetate actions

    When creating Monetate actions, always make sure the Re-check for Elements option is turned on when available.

    Limitations #

    Custom experience integrations #

    Custom interaction with the PWA

    Sometimes you might want to have Monetate interact with the PWA. For example:

    The example scenarios above all require custom PWA actions that can be exposed using the ExposeApiBase component.

    In-project A/B Split Testing

    This is a scenario where the split implementation exists in the PWA but the decision to split is made by Monetate with the use of document cookies.

    If you need to render components based on the cookie value, use the Split component.

    If you need to obtain the cookie value anywhere else, use the Cookie Manager