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Mobify Progressive Web SDK Docs

loadScripts #

The Progressive Web SDK provides a utility method for selecting script elements from the page document you request via AJAX, and injecting them into the Progressive Web application.

To use the utility, first import the loadScripts utility into your project:

import loadScripts from 'progressive-web-sdk/dist/load-scripts'

The following is an example of using loadScripts within a Redux action inside your application (e.g. inside /app/containers/app/actions.js). Invoke the utility inside the .then chain or callback for your page document request, as it needs access to the $response object.

import {jqueryResponse} from 'progressive-web-sdk/dist/jquery-response'
import loadScripts from 'progressive-web-sdk/dist/load-scripts'

// Example Redux action for requesting page documents
export const fetchPage = (url) => {
    return (dispatch) => {
            .then((response) => {
                const [$, $response] = response
                dispatch(onPageReceived($, $response))
                     * This needs to be run before using `inject` but only needs
                     * to be invoked once in the application
                     * @param {object} the current selector library
                     * @param {boolean} debug mode, logs execution in the console
                     * @returns {promise} for use in chaining with `.inject`
                    .init($, true)
                     * @param {string} url - the url that the jQuery response is from
                     * @param {object} $response - jQuery response object from jQueryResponse
                     * @param {object} config - configuration used to find and process scripts
                     *   @key {array} contains - inline scripts
                     *   @key {array} src - external scripts
                     *   @key {bool} evalInGlobalScope - evaluate inline scripts within the global scope
                    .inject(url, $response, {
                        contains: [
                            'var require',
                        src: [
                        evalInGlobalScope: true

The example above searches for scripts using two different search methods:

  1. using the src attribute of external scripts
  2. using the text contents of inline scripts

Using these two methods, the loadScripts utility would find any inline scripts that match text substrings for UA-11111111 and var require, as well as any external scripts with a src attribute that contains a text substring matching requirejs/require.js or the regular expression mixins\.js/. These are automatically added and executed in the same order they were found in the page document.

Options #

evalInGlobalScope #

Matched inline scripts are not added to the DOM, they are executed using eval(). By default, these inline scripts will not execute in the global scope. However, you may find that you need a script to run in the global scope. For example, you may have an inline script that looks like this:

    var dataLayer = {
        productId: 123

If this script executes within the global scope, dataLayer will be added to window. If it does not execute in the global scope, window will not be changed. If you need access to dataLayer, you can use the evalInGlobalScope option. This option defaults to false.

Notes #

  • Matched scripts are not available from within the React/Redux application as a string value or DOM node
  • The utility will prevent re-adding scripts for a given URL, but you will need to provide more restrictive handling if needed (e.g. only running once for a given page type)


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