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About Mobify Platform Versions


Mobify releases a new version of progressive-web-sdk every six weeks, including new features, enhancements to the SDK and scaffold, bug fixes, security patches, and key product documentation. To facilitate smooth upgrades for our partners and customers, releases are designed to incrementally improve the Mobify Platform, rather than introducing large breaking changes.

Improvements to our backend infrastructure are done outside of the product release process, in a system of continuous improvement. As a result, they’re not versioned. Examples include our Application Delivery Network and Mobify Cloud.

We recommend staying up to date with the latest Mobify Platform version, to access the latest features, patches, and bug fixes. To find a detailed summary of each release, check out our Release Notes.

Mobify Platform repository structure

Prior to March 2019, the packages Mobify publishes to NPM used an independent versioning scheme. That meant, for example, that a Mobify Platform release may have included version 1.2.3 of the progressive-web-sdk and version 3.2.1 of @mobify/commerce-integrations.

In March 2019 we switched to a synchronized versioning scheme, which makes it easier to understand which package versions were released together, and have been tested to work together by Mobify. If you're upgrading packages in your project we recommend updating all Mobify packages together, to the same version number.

The following packages have used synchronized version numbers since version 1.11:

  • progressive-web-sdk
  • @mobify/commerce-integrations
  • @mobify/documentation-theme
  • @mobify/test-framework

Checking your Mobify Platform version number

There are two ways to look up your version of the Mobify Platform.

For one, you can find your progressive-web-sdk version inside the package.json file, which is found under your project's root folder. For projects operating on version 1.10 or lower, the package.json file will show the versions for each library.

You can also use our handy DebugInfo SDK Component. This Component is a helpful tool for developers throughout the build, bringing together several important sources of information including the version of progressive-web-sdk. Just place the Component anywhere on a page, and it will automatically retrieve the available information.

Milestones in Mobify Platform versions

The following list summarizes major technical milestones in Mobify’s Progressive Web SDK. For a full list of changes, visit our Release Notes. Typically, we find that partner developers are most interested in knowing their version for the project scaffold (project starting point), and knowing their version for our Commerce and Analytics Integrations SDKs.


Technology What is it? Release Date Applicable Versions
Mobify API: Target Management An API for partner and customer developers to manage their own deployment targets. July 2, 2019 v1.11.0 and later
Synchronized versioning Beginning in July 2019, all packages and libraries within the monorepo are all synchronized, released at the same time under the same version. (Previously, each library had its own unique version.) July 2, 2019 v1.11.0 and later
Analytics Integrations Mobify's API to integrate analytics services. Replaces the Analytics Manager, and is intended to give developers more control over their analytics implementation. July 2, 2019 v1.11.0 and later
Documentation site redesign New documentation site look and feel. March 28, 2019 v1.9.0 and later
Mobify Test Framework A package of testing tools for end to end and performance testing. January 10, 2019 v1.0.4-alpha.0 and later
New project starting point Generated projects come with a starting point “scaffold”, essentially a template with some of the foundational PWA Components already implemented. Note that project starting points are not released as part of the product release process. January 10, 2019 v1.0.4-alpha.0 and later


Technology What is it? Release Date Applicable Versions
Server-Side Rendered Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Server-side rendering architecture, enabling Mobify’s fastest PWAs to date. (Originally called Universal Progressive Web Apps or UPWAs.) November 15, 2018 v1.6.0 and later
Commerce Integrations API to integrate ecommerce backends. Replaces Integration Manager. September 27, 2018 v1.0.0 and later
Performance Manager An SDK tool which allows partner and customer developers to control and configure features that affect PWA performance. August 16, 2018 v1.4.0 and later


Technology What is it? Release Date Applicable Versions
Integration Manager API to integrate ecommerce backends. (Replaced in 2018 by Commerce Integrations.) June 22, 2017 v0.15.0 to v1.4.0 inclusive
Mobify UI Kit A ready-to-use collection of Sketch design files that pair with Mobify’s SDK Components to build ecommerce pages. May 25, 2017 v0.15.0 and later
Analytics Manager API to integrate analytics services. (Replaced in 2019 by Analytics Integrations.) May 24, 2017 v0.15.0 to v1.10.0 inclusive


Technology What is it? Release Date Applicable Versions
Progressive Web SDK Mobify’s core Software Development Kit. Includes a set of components and utilities for building performant PWAs. July 28, 2016 v0.0.1 and later

Prior to 2016

Technology What is it? Release Date Applicable Versions
Mobify Cloud Command line interface and backend infrastructure to manage the deployment of apps on the Mobify Platform. 2012 v0.0.1 and later. Note that Mobify Cloud is released continuously.
Mobify Tag A way of loading PWAs through a snippet of HTML and JavaScript, which loads the PWA into an existing web page. (Replaced in 2018 by server-side rendered PWAs.) 2011 v0.0.1 and later



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