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Using the Mobify Command Line Interface (CLI)

Important: This feature is in progress and subject to changes.

The Mobify Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool for managing your projects, targets, bundles, etc. on Mobify Cloud. The tool is included in Mobify's progressive-web-sdk.

Prerequisites to run the commands

To use the Mobify CLI, you will need a developer account on Mobify Cloud. To request a developer account, contact Mobify Cloud support.

Before you can use the Mobify CLI, you need to have a .mobify file in your home directory that contains your Mobify Cloud credentials. If you don't have that, follow the steps for Saving Your Credentials in Mobify Cloud

How to run the commands

After you install the progressive-web-sdk, you can add "mobify": "mobify" to the scripts object of the package.json file in the root folder of your project, then run the command by typing

npm run mobify -- <command> <subcommand> [options]

Important: The `--` is required in the above command. Otherwise, it won't run correctly.

Help docs

If you have questions when you use the CLI, you can use the help docs.

npm run mobify -- -h would show you a list of commands the CLI currently have.

npm run mobify -- <command> -h will show you a list of sumcommands for that command.

npm run mobify -- <command> <subcommand> -h will show you how to use a specific subcommand.


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