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Recommended Resources

Essential skills

You’ll need intermediate knowledge of JavaScript to successfully onboard with the Mobify Platform. Before diving in, it’s a good time to get familiar with:

  • Writing modern JavaScript in ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ES6)
  • Using Node and Node Package Manager to install and manage JavaScript dependencies
  • Building React components to render user interfaces
  • Using version control systems like Git to store your code

In the sections below, we’ll introduce you to a few learning resources that can help you ramp up on the tools and technologies you’ll be using with the Mobify Platform. Grab a coffee, it’s time to get learning!

Git and GitHub

Even if you won’t be using Git and Github to manage your source code during development, you will need to use them if you plan on attending a training session with Mobify or if you need to review any of Mobify's source code.

JavaScript and ES6

Most of the coding you’ll be doing with Mobify PWAs will be in JavaScript. You will be using many new language features included in the ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) standard.

React and Redux

We use these two foundational technologies to build user interface components and manage the flow of data in our applications.

  • React Github: a great starting place for React. Here, Facebook defines what React is and shows what their technology can do using simple code examples.
  • React Docs and React Tutorial: more in-depth resources from Facebook. Be aware that the tutorial can take a long time to complete, and it covers how to manually manage your application’s state—a task that is best left to Redux.
  • Redux Docs: official Redux documentation. The basics covers a simple to-do list application as an example of how the different parts of Redux work together.
  • Getting Started With Redux: this is a series of videos narrated by Dan Abramov, the creator of Redux. Abramov will walk you through the to-do list example from the official Redux Docs. As a caution, some of the videos may overwhelm junior developers as they explore different architectural approaches.
  • Redux Examples: a collection of simple examples that illustrate how React and Redux work together. Interactive versions of most examples are provided using CodeSandbox.
  • Redux Tutorial from François Bonnefont: teaches you the basics of React and Redux through annotated source code.
  • React-Redux Tutorial From Vincent Audebert: practice using React and Redux together with three different exercises. Good luck cheating: the author states that “solutions are encoded in base64 so you don’t get too tempted to look at them directly.”

Next steps

For more hands-on learning, check out our Orientation Exercises to get started using the Mobify Platform's training project.



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