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Recommended Reading

    We’ve collected a number of online resources for you to familiarize yourself with the specific tools and technologies that you’ll be working with while building a progressive web app with the Mobify Platform.

    Git and GitHub #

    Even if you won’t be using Git and Github to manage your source code during development, you will need to use them during training.

    Git for Humans: Book-length introduction to Git aimed at new users.

    GitHub Guides: Hello World: Explains the basics of using GitHub.

    Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent: Essential configuration step for anyone pushing code to a GitHub repository.

    JavaScript and ES6 #

    Most of the coding you’ll be doing with Progressive Mobile Web will be in JavaScript. Also, you’ll be using many new language features included in the ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) standard.

    A re-introduction to JavaScript: Good reference to review the basic language features. If you you haven’t coded in JavaScript recently, this will be a good refresher.

    ES6 In Depth: An Introduction: Briefly summarizes how (and why) ES6 emerged as a standard.

    Learn ES6 (ECMAScript 2015): Short video walkthroughs of new language features. Highly recommended for all developers!

    Understanding ECMAScript 6: Book-length reference on ES6 that you can read online for free.

    React and Redux #

    We use these two foundational technologies to build user interface components and manage the flow of data in our applications.

    React Github: Facebook defines what React is and shows what their technology can do using simple code examples right on the library’s Github page.

    React Docs and React Tutorial: More in-depth resources from Facebook. The tutorial can take a long time to complete and spends a lot of time discussing how to manually manage your application’s state—a task that is best left to Redux.

    React introduction for those who know just enough jQuery to get by: Great resource for newer developers—especially those who know jQuery but haven’t worked with newer front-end frameworks, such as Angular, Backbone, or Ember.

    Redux Docs: Official Redux documentation. The basics covers a simple to-do list application as an example of how the different parts of Redux work together.

    Getting started with Redux: Series of videos narrated by Dan Abramov, the creator of Redux. Abramov will walk you through the to-do list example from the official Redux documentation. There are a lot of videos to watch, and Abramov may overwhelm newer developers with his explorations of different architectural approaches.

    Redux Examples: A collection of simple examples that illustrate how React and Redux work together. Interactive versions of most examples are provided using CodeSandbox.

    Redux Tutorial from François Bonnefont: Teaches you the basics of React and Redux through annotated source code.

    React-Redux Tutorial from Vincent Audebert: Practice using React and Redux together with three different exercises. From the author: “Solutions are encoded in base64 so you don’t get too tempted to look at them directly.”