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Mobify Tag Installation

    To develop your Progressive Web App, you must add the Mobify tag, a snippet of HTML and JavaScript that loads your PWA, to your website’s HTML.

    To add it, you need:

    Installing the Mobify Tag #

    Add your project’s tag to the <head> of each page you want to load the PWA on:

        <title>Example Title</title>
        <meta name="title" content="Example Meta Title">
        <meta name="description" content="Example Meta Description">
        <!-- 📍 The tag goes here, early in the <head>, after SEO tags: -->
        <!-- MOBIFY -->
        <!-- ... -->
        <!-- END MOBIFY -->
    <!-- ... -->

    Second, verify the tag is placed by viewing the source of your pages and confirming it is in the HTML. Depending on your system, you may have to flush caches or rebuild pages for the tag to appear.

    The Mobify tag works best when:

    Installing the tag on Salesforce Commerce Cloud or SAP Hybris Commerce

    If you’re using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Mobify’s cartridge will install the Mobify tag for you.

    If you’re using SAP Hybris Commerce, Mobify’s extension will install the Mobify tag for you.