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API Reference

The Integration Manager (IM) provides an API to back-end services that your PWA can interact with. This helps to isolate network calls from the rest of your app. It also provides an abstraction to make it easier when re-platforming your app against a new e-commerce service (maybe you're using a home-grown solution and it's time to move to an "enterprise" solution like Hybris or Salesforce Commerce Cloud).

The Integration Manager consists of a set of commands, results, and types.

  • Commands - These are really just redux thunks, but have a special term to differentiate them from other Redux actions.
  • Results - Flux Standard Actions that communicate result data from a connector's command implementation back to the redux store.
  • Types - These are runtype objects that define the structure of data returned by IM results.


The IM API is composed of a series of Command actions. This forms the API that you can call from the app to interact with the service you are building against. The full list of commands is listed to the right (click to see full documentation).


Result actions should be self-describing based on their type. In cases where they carry a payload, they should use createTypedAction to define the payload type and structure.


Types define the structure of Results that a connector can dispatch. Results are typechecked in development only. At runtime the typecheck function is a no-op and is guaranteed not to throw.