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Adding a New Connector

    Connecting with Analytics Manager#

    Once you have created or extended your connector, connect your analytics connector with the Analytics Manager.

    In web/app/store/index.js

    1. Import your analytics connector

       import MyAnalyticsConnector from '../utils/analytics/my-analytics-connector'
    2. Add your analytics connector to the Analytics Manager

               projectSlug: AJS_SLUG,
               mobifyGAID: WEBPACK_MOBIFY_GA_ID,
               ecommerceLibrary: 'ec'              // (Required) - The GA ecommerce plugin to use ('ec' or 'ecommerce')
               debug: DEBUG
      +    new MyAnalyticsConnector()


    There are two ways to enable debugging information for analytics:

    1. Via #MOBIFY_DEBUG in production

      Simply append #MOBIFY_DEBUG to the end of a project site URL and refresh the page, and you will see debugging information in the browser console.

    2. Via the preview server in development

      When you preview a PWA bundle through the preview server (, the analytics debugging information will always appear in the browser console.

    You’ll see two types of debugging information in the browser console:

    1. Google Analytics debugger

      Mobify also uses Google Analytics to track analytics data. To make it easy to debug on all mobile platforms while in debug mode, Google Analytics Debugger will automatically turn on

    2. Analytics Manager console messages

      When debugging mode is on, analytics manager will display critical information to help you validate that the correct events and dimensions are being sent to your analytics system. This is customizable in the analytics connectors you built

      Here is a console message example:

       🐯 Mobify Google Analytics sends a pageview event
           GA ID:                 UA-53825302-1
           Template Name:         productDetailsPage