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      Analytics Manager Overview

      The Analytics Manager is an abstraction layer between your PWA and analytics services, such as Google Analytics.

      It allows you to track many events, including:

      • Page view
      • Purchase
      • Add to cart / Remove from cart
      • Open modal / Close modal
      • Search
      • Form and button interactions
      • Enhanced ecommerce events
      • Performance events
      • Custom events

      How does it work?

      The Analytics Manager listens for special actions dispatched by your PWA and extracts analytics information from them. It then sends that information to each of the analytics services that you’ve connected to the Analytics Manager.

      The Mobify Platform includes connectors for the following analytics services:

      If you don’t see a connector for an analytics service that you require in the list above, we make it easy to build your own connector and contribute it to the platform.

      You can also extend an existing connector to track analytics events under a different set of credentials for the same analytics service. For example, you may need to track events under multiple Google Analytics properties besides Mobify’s Google Analytics property.


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