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March 2019

Released on March 28, 2019

This release, we've made improvements made to Progressive Web Apps, and the New Scaffold (Early Access).


Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Documentation Updates

Based on your feedback, we've made a lot of changes to our documentation!

Let's take a look at the changes...

New documentation

  1. Sidebar navigation. The categories have been reorganized to put the content you care about most on top. We also shrunk the size of the links so you can fit more onscreen!
  2. Getting Started page. All the Getting Started content is now on one easy-to-follow page. Also, we updated the installation instructions to cover our latest technologies.
  3. Architecture page. This new overview page will introduce you to all of our new technologies, including Server-Side Rendering and Commerce Integrations.
  4. Guides. We added 5 new hands-on guides, including A/B Testing Your PWA and Introduction to PWA Analytics.
  5. Component Library. Now you can access each component directly from the sidebar, and we added the All Components and Templates page to give you an overview of each component's functionality.
  6. Design section. Stay tuned for more content for designers to be added here soon!
  7. Integrations section. Now contains an overview of Commerce Integrations.
  8. Utility Functions section. Did you know that the Mobify Platform includes more than 100 JavaScript utility functions? Now you can more easily find out what functions are available and how to use them.
  9. Redesigned page layout. We’ve adjusted the colors, layout, and typography of our pages to make them easier to read and more accessible.
  10. Table of contents. Longer articles now feature a table of contents that you can access at any time.

Component Updates

  • Added two new props imageStyle and wrapperStyle to the <Image> component. These two props will allow developers to set inline styles on the Image component.

New Scaffold (Early Access)

Lighthouse Tests

Lighthouse tests are Mobify's trusted method of testing the quality of a Progressive Web App (PWA).

We want to provide the best possible starting point, so we improved the Lighthouse scores for the new scaffold across the board. Before writing any code, PWA developers will inherit top-tier Lighthouse scores.

Lighthouse Scores
New Scaffold Lighthouse Scores

Lighthouse tests have also been integrated into the new scaffold, to ensure that developers can maintain the PWA's Lighthouse performance throughout the build. The tests will run automatically against new code commits on projects built off the new scaffold.

The baseline scores currently set are:

  • Time to Interactive: <10000ms
  • PWA: >90
  • SEO: 100
  • Accessibility: 100

These Lighthouse tests are ran through the Mobify Test Framework. Check out our Mobify Test Framework docs for information on using the framework and how you can adjust these values.

Windows Support

We recognize that a majority of our partner developers are using Windows as their preferred operating system. To better reflect this in our platform, we've updated the new scaffold to better support Windows.

Previously, developers had to use Git bash for projects built off the new scaffold. Now, developers will be able to run and build projects natively, through CMD.exe.

Bug Fixes

Progressive Web Apps

  • The <Nav> component would previously throw errors if two or more navigation items in the navigation tree had the same URL path. We updated the component this release, so that it can support duplicate URL paths in its navigation items. The update was done in a backwards compatible manner, and doesn't change how a developer should use the component.
  • We've reworked the animation for the <SkeletonBlock> and <SkeletonInline> components to be more performant. Previously, if there were a lot of images within a page that used the Skeleton component(s), the application could potentially crash.

Known Issues




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