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Febuary 2019

Released on February 14, 2019

Known Issues

Progressive Web Apps

  • Navigation component will throw an error if two or more children in the navigation tree have the same path.
  • Errors appear in the browser console when Service Worker loads cached assets while Chrome is in Incognito mode

Native Apps

  • Account dashboard is unresponsive on Android after user registers
  • If a user is signed in from a previous session, the sign in / register tabs persists if you sign in again from App Onboarding
  • Android devices with notches may not render as expected


Universal Progressive Web Apps (Early Access)

  • Resolved an issue where HTTP 400 errors would occur when accessing the Universal PWA from certain countries
  • Resolved an issue where images were not appearing correctly on the carousel for Internet Explorer 11
  • Resolved an issue where the Service Worker wasn’t functioning correctly on Safari 11 OS X
  • Enhanced robots.txt functionality by supporting the load of different robots.txt based on the proxy hostname
  • Disabled the Engagement Engine Tracking iFrame to improve SEO performance

New Scaffold (Early Access)

  • Resolved an issue where the new scaffold would fail to build if the project repository was saved to a workspace folder that contained a space in it
  • Resolved an issue where white flashes would occur after the application is hydrated
  • Resolved an issue where node processes would continue to run in the background after shutting down the development server
  • Resolved an issue where the npm run start:ssr:inspect command wouldn't rebuild the connector
  • Resolved an issue where product images had incorrect margins set on larger breakpoints
  • Removed usage of WebFonts throughout the new scaffold
  • Allow developers to define and set a robots.txt file
  • Cleaned up server side rendering critical-dependency console warnings from appearing on the client side
  • Fixed broken documentation links embedded within the new scaffold
  • Added skeletons to images within the product listing page template
  • Adjusted the offline banner to appear under the header as opposed to overlapping it
  • Reduced the noise of default developer console logging

Progressive Web Apps

  • Added an onLeave function to the SelectorRouter to properly reset its component and routeName values
  • Added a string type check for Swatch component labels
  • Added a portal prop to the Sheet component to allow developers to specify a target dom element to render a given Sheet
  • Resolved an issue where a Mobify analytics tracking pixel would cause negative effects to SEO

Native Apps

  • Resolved an issue where adding additional views to the bottom of an anchored layout would crash the application
  • Updated unit tests for instrumentation which were failing to run against Bitrise
  • Smoothed out the transition when navigating between pages on Android
  • Added a missing dependency (eslint-import-resolver-webpack package) whose absence would cause the application to fail to build


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