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What is Astro?

Astro is a Mobify-developed framework for building mobile applications through the combination of native and web interfaces. It allows PWAs to be structured alongside native screens, components, interactions and animations to deliver an experience that behaves and feels like a native iOS or Android app.

Read more about the core features and development power of Astro.

Designing with Astro

Built in to Astro is a set of components designed to power the core native interactions. When presenting PWAs on a native application, Astro components are used in place of the usual components from the Progressive Web SDK to make the experience look and feel like it belongs on the device.

View a full list of the Astro components

Web views are designed to be presented inside Astro containers, taking advantage of Mobify's pre-built Progressive Web SDK components and app-like design best practices. When designing native applications, consider the use of both the PWA SDK component library inside web views and the Astro component library that frames the core interactions.

View the latest list of PWA SDK components

The UI kit

Designing native apps with Astro starts with the Mobify UI Kit. The Kit provides designers with a visual representation of all components supported in the PWA and Astro component libraries, along with best practice layouts for how these components should be presented.

Download the latest UI Kit release on Github


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