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What to Test

Understanding what should be tested for.

Testing web push has many layers. Due to the current product limitations, is it not possible to automate testing entirely and there are some configurations that are only testable on production. Here is a list of web push test we should perform:

Important: Do not test web push in incognito mode.

Web Push Assets

We should validate text and image that would appear in

Please refer to Requirements And Assets for more detail on each asset.

User Subscription Flow

A user will always be at a certain state of web push. We need to ensure all states are expected. These configurations are defined by our client. Below is an example configuration that is generated by our web push generator:

  1. On first visit, user will see soft ask every 3 page loads
  2. If user dismisses the soft ask, user should see soft ask again after 5 sessions (Each session expires in 6 hrs)
  3. If user accepts the soft ask, user is redirected to soft dismiss and hard ask
    1. If user dismisses the soft dismiss, user is redirected back to client site and should see soft ask again after 5 sessions (Each session expires in 6 hrs)
    2. If user clicks on Block on hard ask, user should never see soft ask again
    3. If user clicks on Allow on hard ask, user will be redirected back to client site and the confirmation banner should appear

Manually Testing User Subscription Flow

This is using the same web push generator default configuration.

Test soft ask appearing the first time

Navigate normally thru client's site, every 3rd page load, you should see soft ask. Note: You should not see soft ask in checkout area.

Test soft ask appearing after being dismissed

After you have dismissed the soft ask, open the web inspector and inspect the cookies. There are 2 cookies that you should be aware of here: mobify.webpush.activeVisit and mobify.webpush.visitCountdown.

In order to simulate a session expire, delete the mobify.webpush.activeVisit and refresh the page. You should see the mobify.webpush.visitCountdown decrease in count.

Clearing Your Web Push Notification Setting State

So you got to the point where you have blocked notification or subscribed to the notification. How do you get back to see soft ask again?

  1. Clear client site cookies
  2. Clear browser setting for the web push domain

    Find the web push domain that the client site is hosted on defined in the web push configuration file. (Example: merlinspotions.yaml)

        # The secure domain that handles service-worker and push
        # subscriptions for this site. This is the 'host' domain.
        # For a customer-hosted site, it may be the same as the
        # 'target' domain. For a mobify-hosted site, this should be
        # or
        # Example: ""
        hosting_domain: ""

    Desktop Chrome - Navigate to chrome://settings/contentExceptions#notifications

    Chrome Setting

    Find the setting for the web push domain and clear it by clicking on the X button

    Desktop Safari - Open Safari Menu -> Preferences...

    Safari Setting

    Find the setting for the web push site and clear it by removing it.

    1. Clear local storage

    Make sure mobify.webpush.client_id key is cleared from Local Storage

    1. Sync setting with web push server

    With the same browser, navigate to the following url: https://<hosting-domain>/webpush/reset.html

    Merlins Potion example:

    1. Maybe even Clear Staging cookie

Querying for browser subscription state

At some point, you may need to figure out what is the subscription status of a particular client. This is how we can query for it:<mobify.webpush.client_id>/<Client web push site id>/

You may find the value for mobify.webpush.client_id as one of the cookie value on the client site.

Merlins Potion example: