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Preview messages

Send push notifications to registered preview devices without impacting existing subscribers.


With the proper cookies set for testing, the next step is to proceed through the subscription flow, register a preview device and lastly, send a preview message.


  1. Open the browser dev tools
  2. Navigate to the customer's website
  3. Notice how the opt-in banner appears
  4. Accept the opt-in
  5. Accept the subscription
    • Mobify-hosted scenario
      1. You get redirected to new domain with the subscription page
      2. A browser popup prompts for push notification permissions (accept it)
      3. You get redirected to the customer's homepage
    • Customer-hosted scenario
      1. A browser popup prompts for push notification permissions (accept it)
  6. A confirmation banner appears

Register a preview device

Now that the browser is configured to accept push messages, the next step is to set it up as a preview device.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the relevant business from the business switcher.

Note:If you don't have access to the Business, find the Business in Mobify Cloud and add yourself to it. It will then display in the Connection Center.

  1. Click the Add Campaign button to create a new campaign
  2. Click the No Content Configured button
  3. Select Web Push Notification
  4. Add the content of the message
  5. Click on the Enable new test browser link
  6. Follow the instructions (use a new tab to do that)
  7. If all went well, you will see a good, old Javascript alert box as well as a push notification confirming the preview registration

Send a preview message

  1. Click the back arrow to go back to the notification configuration editor
  2. Click Send Test