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Launch Checklist

Make sure everything is ready for the launch.

Prepare launch

If you can answer all of the following questions with "yes", your project is ready to be rolled out:

If you answered all of the above with "yes": Congratulations! It's time to launch your project.

Roll out in stages

A split functionality allows you to roll out the messaging project in stages. The site config contains a splits array that looks like this:

      # The minimum split roll in this split (inclusive)
    - min: 1
      # The maximum split roll included in this split (inclusive)
      max: 4
      # The split name for reporting to GA
      name: first
      # Whether this split group receives web push asks at all
      enabled: true
      # Split description for debugging
      description: The first group to be enabled
    - min: 5
      max: 50
      name: second_soft_launch
      enabled: false
      description: First 50%
    - min: 51
      max: 100
      name: all
      enabled: false
      description: Everyone

The above settings read: Show the opt-in dialog to 4% of website visitors.

The enabled flag for each split allows you to set which groups of visitor get to see the opt-in dialog. Use the min / max values to specify a range. You can add as many splits as you like.