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Webpush Configurations

Availble webpush settings allowed for customer customization including split testing.

Web Push Configurations

Every web push project will have a file in the following format <site_id>.yaml. For example, for Merlins Potion it's merlinspotion.yaml at the root folder of its web push project.

This particular file contains the configurations of how Web Push Server should interact with this particular project. Web Push Server will check the production deployed configuration file every 5 minutes.

Below is a list of Web Push server configuration that you can find in the web push project's yaml file.

Key Description
netloc Host name of the client's site without protocol
site_id Web Push identifier (Allowed format: lower case alphabet, dashes)
config Web Push configuration block
cloud_slug Associated Mobify Cloud project slug
friendly_site_name Used for display in Cloud
business_slug The client's business identifier this project belongs to
business_name The client's business name
hosting_domain The domain the user is subscribing notification to
target_domain The client's domain that web push should associated to
load_host_client Set false, when web push is Mobify hosted.
Set true, when web push is Client hosted
in_development Puts the project in development mode and which allows in-depth debugging
service_worker_debug Setting to get service work to start logging debug messages
support_client_global_delete Always set false.
This is only for demo sites which allows an endpoint to remove all current client subscription removal
default_icon_url Default url to the icon asset
default_url Default url to navigate when the notification is interacted
default_message_title Default notification title
fallback_message_text Default notification message
show_confirmation Shows a one-time confirmation banner on client's site upon registration
send_welcome_message Set true to send a one-time welcome message notification upon registration.
Please make sure welcome_message_url, welcome_message_title, and welcome_message_text is defined of this configration is set to true.
welcome_message_url Welcome message url
welcome_message_title Welcome message title
welcome_message_text Welcome message text
use_service_worker_loader Set false, when web push is Mobify hosted.
Set true, when web push is Client hosted
apn_website_push_id Apple Web Push ID for this site
apn_certificate_name Apple Web Push certificate name for this site
splits Split test configuration (Further detail below)
dimension_index The dimension index slots to use when sending to GA. You shouldn't be changing these dimension indexes unless specifically instructed. (split_name, split_roll, user_state, session_state should be mapped to 3, 4, 5, 6 respectively

Note: you can comment out the fields that may not be applicable such as apn_app_id, apn_native_sandbox_certificate_name, trampoline_url, etc.

For additional configuration properties, please refer to the Web Push Site Config Documentation

How to set splits

Every user will be assign a number in the range of 1 to 100.

A split condition is defined in a block, indicated by a dash

    - min: 1
      max: 40
      name: webpush-enabled
      enabled: true
      description: This group is webpush enabled
Split Key description
min The lower bound of this split condition
max The upper bound of this split condition
name The name of this split condition. Used for sending analytic data.
enabled Boolean value to allow web push subscription flow to work
description Description for debugging logging

An example of a 40/60 split

    - min: 1
      max: 40
      name: webpush-enabled
      enabled: true
      description: This group is webpush enabled
    - min: 41
      max: 100
      name: webpush-disabled
      enabled: false
      description: This group is webpush disabled

Note: The min/max bounds are inclusive numbers. So if a user is assigned 40, this user will be in the webpush enabled group.