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Webpush API

A quick description of the Webpush APIs used in generator and references the Webpush API documentation.

There are 2 specific javascript file that we will be going into detail:

Please refer to the Customization API Doc for more Web Push API detail.


This javascript file is an utility file that is load across different iframe assets: Soft-Ask, Hard-Inline-Ask, Confirmation

The main purpose of this file are:

To update the animation please make sure the following files are updated as well.

    // /custom/production/js/webpush-shared.js
    iframeApi.animationType = 'top_slide';              // or 'bottom_slide'
    iframeApi.animationOptions = {PadBody: true};       // for bottom slide animation only
    // /custom/production/softask.html
    <div class="webpush-softask-content-div c-dialog c--top"> // c--bottom
    // /custom/production/confirmation.html
    <div class="webpush-softask-content-div c-dialog c--top"> // c--bottom


This file dictates when the soft-ask should show. It is the file where we place all the logic we need in order to establish the behaviour of the web push subscription flow that the client desires.

The web push generator generates a default of the following behaviour:

Initial Soft-Ask Setup

If this is the first time a user has enter the site, we can set which session should the user see the soft-ask the very first time by defining the INITIAL_SESSION_COUNTDOWN variable. This value is being set in the clientCustomization.handleEvent function.

Checkout Guarding

Checkout is guarded by a regular expression check on the URL defined by CHECKOUT_FLOW_RE variable and is prevented by this.pageDoesNotMatch(CHECKOUT_FLOW_RE) in the clientCustomization.shouldShowSoftAsk function.

Make sure that the shopping cart, checkout flow and checkout confirmation are guarded to not show soft-ask.

Minimum Page View Guarding

The user will not see the first soft-ask until the user had at least certain amount of page views defined by the FIRST_ASK_PAGEVIEW variable. This is checked by the this.hadPageViews(FIRST_ASK_PAGEVIEW) in the clientCustomization.shouldShowSoftAsk function.

Show Soft-Ask Frequency

Soft-Ask is shown to the user on a frequency defined by the PAGE_COUNT_MODULO variable. This is checked by the this.getPageCount() % PAGE_COUNT_MODULO === 0 in the clientCustomization.shouldShowSoftAsk function.

Show Soft-Ask After Deferred

When Soft-Ask is dismissed, a cookie will be set to make sure user is not presented with soft ask after some number of sessions defined by DEFER_SESSION_COUNT. This is being set in the clientCustomization.deferAsk function. This condition is checked by this.isNotDeferred() in the clientCustomization.shouldShowSoftAsk function.