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Requirements and Assets

Requirements and assets to generate a webpush project.

Cloud Setup

  1. Mobify Tag is installed on client site
  2. A business is created on cloud
  3. A project is created under that business
  4. Messaging Feature Flag is configured for the project in PBJT

PBJT Configuration

    "site_id": "merlinspotion"

Client Assets

Please refer to this documentation for an overview of what web push notifications looks like on supported browsers.

Image Assets

Asset Description
Notification Icon A 192px x 192px image asset Notification
Safari Icon A 256px x 256px image asset Safari Hard Ask
Logo and Logo@2x The Logo to be displayed on the soft dismiss Soft Dismiss

Text Assets

A webpush notification have 3 important features:

Safari Setting

Asset Description
Default URL Used to populate the message url in the messaging console.
Default Message Title Used to populate the message title in the messaging console.
Fallback Message Text Used when web push notification failed somehow.

Page Assets

These are the pages that can be fully customized.

Soft Ask

Soft Ask

We have the option to place the soft ask banner at the top or bottom of the browser window

Soft Dismiss

Soft Dismiss

Additional Option

Client have option to show a confirmation banner and/or a welcome message when a new user subscribed.


Soft Ask

A confirmation banner appears just like the soft ask. It is an instant feedback to the user.

Welcome Message


A confirmation message delivered to the user when the user is subscribed. This may not be an instant feedback to the user.

If a welcome message is desired, please make sure the following text assets are supplied: