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Project Generator

A project generator tool that will give the developer a set of files to start from.

1. Set up your environment

The following setup is required to develop push notifications projects.

Grunt CLI

Grunt can be installed as follows:

# Grunt:
npm install -g grunt-cli

Grunt init

We use grunt-init to streamline the creation of push notifications projects.

# Install `grunt-init`:
npm install -g grunt-init

Web push template

This installs the grunt-init-webpush template to the correct location so that it can be used to create new projects.

# Install the template:
git clone ~/.grunt-init/webpush

2. Create the project

cd /path/to/your/project-root
grunt-init webpush

At this point, please follow the command prompts to configure your project. The following table contains detailed information about each prompt question.

Site ID

Each web push notifications project is identified by a unique ID, called the Site ID. The site ID is configured in Mobify Cloud.

Prompt Details

Prompt Values (default) Description
site_id The Site ID slug for this project.
mobify_hosted (y), n If the project is Mobify-hosted or Customer-hosted
iframe (bottom), top To show the iframe at the top or bottom of the page. This is for the opt-in and confirmation.
font_family Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif The font-family to use for the project.
container_width 950px The body width of the client's site.
brand_color #aaa The client's brand color. The buttons and icons will default to this color.
checkout_flow_path /checkout The url path of the checkout flow pages. The opt-in should not show when in checkout pages, and so it will be disabled when the url matches this path.

Project structure

All required webpush files should live in the custom/production/ folder. The /src folder houses the sass files which will be compiled and saved into the custom/production/styles folder.

    /production                     # Root folder of what gets deployed
            icon-*.svg              # SVG icons used in the opt-in dialog
            notification-icon.png   # A square 192x192px logo used in notifications
            icon256x256.png         # A square 256x256px logo used by Safari
            logo.png                # The logo in its original shape
            logo@2x.png             # Same as logo.png, but double its dimensions
            webpush-shared.js       # A common customizable script for soft-ask, soft-dismiss, and confirmation banner dialogs
            stylesheet.css          # The generated CSS file
        *.html                      # Raw HTML files that dictate the opt-in and subscription page
        custom.js                   # The script to tailor web push behaviour to client's requirements
    /sass                           # Raw SCSS files
/tests                              # A Nightwatch.js test suite for automated tests
<site-id>.yml                       # The configuration file used by the backend system
web.*.pem                           # A certificate to enable messaging for Safari

3. Install project dependencies

The following command installs all required project dependencies:

npm install