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Understand the analytics that are being collected with Webpush.

Transaction Analytics

At Mobify, we track transaction analytics on all browsers and devices if client have web push integrated.

Note: This is expected to change sometime in Q1 of 2017. Analytic SDK is expected to take over and handle transaction analytic reporting across client site.


Make sure the following criteria are meet:

In custom/production/custom.js: Replace .element-that-contains-order-total with the selector of order total element in the website.

clientCustomization.handleEvent = function(event) {
    switch (event) {
        case this.Event.INITIALIZE:
            // If loaded on the order confirmation page, grab the order total and generate analytics event.
            // We want to track for all browsers, supported or not
            if (ORDER_CONFIRMATION_RE.test(window.location.pathname)) {