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For clients that can support a POST request, a REST API is available for integration.

The REST API expects the a JSON payload with the following keys:

Field Type Description
slug String Unique project slug
channel String Which channel this data is arriving on
dimensions String URL-encoded JSON payload of key/values metadata
timestamp_local String The unix/epoch timestamp in milliseconds of the client when this request was sent
data String URL-encoded JSON payload containing action, category, and value keys

A example POST payload to

    'dimensions': { 'pageTemplate': 'PDP-coats', 'clientID': '1234521asdcf', 'timeOnScreen': 32031 },
    'data': { 'action':'pageview','category':'webevents','value':true }

For more details, please see the REST API reference documentation

Pre-built Integrations

Web Experience Framework (formerly Adaptive.js)

By default, all Web Experience Framework implementations will automatically send Page Tracking and Performance Tracking events.

What's Next?

Review what events can be sent


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