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Event Schema

Schema definition for event data

What type of events can be sent to Engagement Engine?

The following schema details the format of any event that is sent to Engagement Engine via any of the supported clients and endpoints.

Base event schema

Every request to the Engagement Engine collector will contain several standard fields.

Field Data Type Description Example Value
slug String, required Project slug that serves as the unique identifier for a given Mobify platform deployment. merlins-potions
timestamp_local String, required Local timestamp in milliseconds (Epoch/Unix time) to provide a mechanism to order successive events correctly. 1455060799000
channel String, required Channel event is occurring on web, webpush
dimensions JSON, required Metadata associated with the given event. Can contain any of the supported key-value pairs. See valid dimensions based on specific events
data JSON, required Data that descibes the given event. Should contain specific key-value pairs for the event. See valid data based on specific events

Supported Event Dimensions

The dimensions JSON field is used to pass any metadata associated to a given event. Listed below is the currently supported set of dimensions that may be passed in.

Dimension Data Type Description Example Value
brand String Product brand that is being viewed or purchased merlins-potions
cart_items Integer Number of items currently in the cart 3
client_id Integer Tracker-generated client identifier -3243301569771009861
currency String Currency ISO code of pricing USD
location String Current page URL
mobify_adapted Boolean Whether the current page has been transformed for a mobile experience True
page String Current URL path /checkout/cart/
pageview_id Integer Unique pageview 5010803705367135337
price String Product price that is being viewed or purchase 12.99
product_category String Product category name that is being viewed or purchased Potions
product_category_id String Product category that is being viewed or purchased potions-12523
product_id String Product Identifier that is being viewed or purchased 1098743
product_name String Product name that is being viewed or purchased Eye of Newt
revenue String Cart total 19.99
session_id Integer Tracker-generated session identifier -6684524204171152153
sku_id String Product SKU Identifier that is being viewed or purchased 1098743_XL
templateName String, optional Template name that was used to transform the mobile experience pdp
title String Current page title Merlin’s Potions - Checkout
tracker_id Integer Tracker identifier -5354943322216900032
version String Build version 0.1.5
quantity Integer Product quantity in cart 1

Example JSON:

    'dimensions': {
      'pageTemplate': 'PDP-coats',
      'clientID': '1234521asdcf'
    'data': {

Supported Event Types

Currently three types of events can be sent to Engagement Engine: