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This final chapter summarized design retrospective and how they benefit your project.

Seeing how your work impacts real users

Remember that the Design Retrospective isn’t for you; if you add a lot of love and care into writing the documentation, you will make the continuing designer’s life a lot easier.

Seeing how your work impacts real users is what you should be the most excited about. If you are fortunate to remain on the project post-launch, and you get to execute an Executive Business Review (EBR) and A/B testing, make the most of that opportunity.

Designing Progressive Mobile web builds and Progressive Mobile apps is as fulfilling as it is challenging. As a mobile eCommerce designer, you have the power to create useful, delightful experiences for shoppers. The design challenge doesn’t end when you launch — using your experience, we hope you continue to empower your team and your organization in making design decisions that solve real problems.