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How Mobify Structures Teams

The why and how of Mobify project delivery teams.

About Mobify Delivery Teams

Project delivery teams at Mobify are organized to leverage the efficiency and decisiveness of small teams. All project development work is scheduled for a particular team exclusively, and not shared between teams.

The most efficient team configuration we have found to be successful consists of one Project Manager, one Interaction Designer, one User Interface Developer, two Front-End Engineers, and one Quality Assurance Engineer.

Mobify Team Structure
Typically, teams are comprised of a Project Manager, a Designer, a UI Developer, two Front-End Engineers, and a QA Engineer

Work is organized into two-week, template-based sprints. (i.e. Sprint 1: Homepage > Sprint 2: PLP, etc.) The initial design phase is also a two-week sprint. This means designers are required to collect information and create a design system in a very short amount of time. In this period of time, the designer would run through the Discovery Phase, the Kickoff Phase, and the Design Phase.

Working in this team structure allows for flexibility and leaves room for the designer to innovate. Designers lead the team in building the best possible buying experience for shoppers. This is a lot of fun — and a lot of responsibility! Lean on your team for support whenever possible — it’s only through communication and collaboration that you can make the best products. You can also review with the Mobify Design team; we have years of experience in the eCommerce realm, and we are happy to offer guidance and direction at every turn.