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Designer Skillset

Your guide to understanding the basic skillset we recommend to be successful designing projects utilizing the Mobify Platform.

Recommended Designer Criteria

Being a designer at Mobify means taking ownership of a project from start to finish. It means examining the shopper’s needs from every angle and boiling complex problems down to streamlined and highly functional interfaces. As a partner, we pass the baton on to you: we hope you will be able to make successful products that are exceptionally crafted, solve real shopper problems, and give us business insights along the way. Use this documentation as a beacon, a guide to point you in the right direction.

In general, we suggest that designers working on the Mobify Platform have the following experience and team dynamics:

Experience 3+ years working as an interaction designer. Will typically hold the title of Intermediate or Senior Interaction Designer.
ecommerce Has worked on ecommerce experiences in the past. Ideally mobile / responsive experience but in some cases experience may be limited to desktop designs.
Mobile First Understanding of how mobile-first responsive design works; may have produced — or contributed to — four or more projects.
Craft Has a passion for UI and UX design, on all platforms and cares greatly about the smallest of micro-interactions that might affect the user experience. Able to identify unique design patterns and systems and how to best use them.
Team Structure Works within a team of three or more designers at varying levels from intermediate to senior. Design team has a dedicated design manager or leader who ensure design quality is of the highest caliber.
Technical Has at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and is comfortable working within Google Chrome DevTools to understand the underlying code of a site. Active in collaborating with their engineering team to ensure designs are built with the user experience as number one priority.
Methodology Your team believes in taking a user-centered design approach where the shopper is the center of the conversation. Research, data, and best practices are used over opinion and trend.