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Before you Begin a Build

A Few Tips to Get You Rolling

Before beginning an ecommerce site build with the Mobify Platform, we have a few tips to help streamline your process.

  • Know the best practices: We’ve created these docs to help you in your day-to-day, and to make conscious decisions that will have positive impacts on end users. Review our best practices below for an overview of the large- and small-scale things that we have tried and tested to be true for PWAs and native apps. Having an understanding of these practices will allow you to shape your design at the beginning, rather than revising later based on feedback. Iterating is good — iterating on things that have already been integrated: not so good.
  • Get the tools: Further down in this section, we recommend a set of tools and resources that you may find helpful. They're what we have tested and come to love here at Mobify — maybe you will too.
  • Use the evidence: Even though you'll likely have some defined usages and procedures, there is no one method to designing an ecommerce site. What matters most is that you have sufficient evidence to support your choices and decisions. You gather that evidence through data analysis and user testing to uncover solutions that fit with real shoppers’ desires and requirements. That doesn’t mean you should not use your gut reaction based off of past design experience — the best designers know what feels right, but remember that numbers don’t lie. As Erika Hall, Co-founder of Mule Design says, “Of course we will often have to do some sort of research to gather the evidence, but those activities are as integral to the design process as sketching or writing. We know we have done them well to the extent they made the design stronger and give us confidence in our decisions.” Before beginning a project, get access to any data you can, such as analytics, past user tests, or any feedback sessions.
  • Have access to feedback: Mobify will support you through your design process, and we're here to help through design review, user testing facilitation, art direction, or even just general guidance. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the Mobify Design Team if you require anything along the way.