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In this section we will provide details around how our design team interacts with a prospective customer early on to help flush out the project from a user experience perspective.

Goal of the UX Discovery Phase

At Mobify we consider the UX Discovery Phase a key part of the sales process. A designer’s involvement during the sales process leads to more accurate estimates, and drives alignment between what the customer envisions and how we can execute on that vision. The current UX Discovery Phase process emerged over years of trial and error: in the past we created free speculative mockups to try and wow our customers with our design abilities; we have conducted UX usability reviews of their existing sites to show off areas of improvements; we have encountered issues of scope not being clear enough once a project has started or a customer expecting one thing and Mobify expecting another.

The goals of the UX Discovery Phase are:

  1. Hear directly from the customer what they have in mind as to what the user experience will be.
  2. Provide your team with insight to best estimate a Progressive Mobile project and in the process align design, engineering, and project management;
  3. Communicate and align the customer’s vision with the Mobify Platform so that they clearly understand the value of both the technology, and design in providing an optimal user experience.

Let’s get started.