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Using Real Content

Don’t Defer the Difficult

Using real content‚ÄČin your design is important,‚ÄČespecially difficult content--‚ÄČproducts with long names, lots of variability, or quirky functions. The Mobify Platform allows designers to start work in a unique position: you have all the content you need, because it‚Äôs already live on the web. So take advantage of it!

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While an idealized visual design is aesthetically pleasing, you'll want to factor all possible scenarios into your design.

Instead of shying away from difficult pieces of content,‚ÄČembrace them! Designing first for these worst case scenarios will ensure you‚Äôre addressing those problems early, and allowing sufficient time to resolve them as a part of your overall design. Upon resolving these ‚Äėworst case scenarios‚Äô, you can then transfer that approach to a simpler product to make sure your solution scales.

Consider the Code

Mobify PWAs work by leveraging existing content and business logic and transforming it for mobile, which means you will rely heavily on desktop code. In the past, designers were limited to creating the mobile experience with content and functionality that originated on desktop. This is evolving with our new Mobify PWAs. The lines separating mobile and desktop are beginning to blur, bringing new design possibilities.

We recommend that Mobify Platform designers start by understanding the desktop code, and base initial designs on the original desktop interactions. While Mobify’s frameworks enable new, sophisticated designs, we suggest balancing the new design possibilities with considerations about development time and page performance. To strike the right balance, consult with your engineering team when considering a solution that leverages Mobify's PWA technology.