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Debugging Smart Content

Simple steps to make sure Smart Content will run successfully on your website

Mobify Platform Setup

  1. You have already contacted Mobify to set up the business on the Mobify Platform (previous section)
  2. Make sure the Mobify Tag has been added to the site or app (there is a useful Google Chrome extension for that now)
  3. Check if the Smart Content script is being loaded by adding ?MOBIFY_DEBUG=1 or #MOBIFY_DEBUG=1 at the end of the URL of the customer's website.

If you have some slots already created, you will see a placeholder in each slot available on the current page.

Placeholder Image

Then open the console of your browser, you should see logs mentioning Smart Content.

Mobify Debug Mode Log One

Mobify Debug Mode Log Two

Create a Campaign

Initial setup is now complete, and your slots are setup.

Let's have a look at the best practices.


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