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Push Notifications Best Practices

Push messaging is a powerful channel. When a customer opts in to push notifications, they are trusting you with access to a very direct and personal line of communication. So what can you do to increase the chance customers will opt in, read your messages and ultimately take action? The key is to create a real sense of value by following these best practices.

All messages should address the following things:

  • Attention grabbing
  • Clear and concise
  • Contains a CTA
  • Link to more content (full article, promotional page, etc.)
  • Non-disruptive (inside of waking hours)
  • User engagement drivers OR revenue drivers

Opt In

  • Wait before asking customers to subscribe to push notifications.
  • Give customers a second chance.
  • Educate your customers on the value of subscribing to push notifications
  • Delivering on promises.


  • Sending unique, targeted messages will deliver the value that you promised on opt-in, and drive deeper engagement with your customers.
  • Learn how to target your audience through Audience Filters.

Messaging Content

  • Set clear messaging objectives.
  • Match the tone of your message to the recipient.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Create a sense of urgency to drive action.
  • Include a clear, strong call to action.
  • Character limits are different across devices. Always preview your content before sending

Frequency and Cadence

  • Quality over quantity.
  • It’s all about good timing.


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