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App Push Notifications

App Push Notifications are messages sent to shoppers that have downloaded your brand’s app and have opted to receive messages. The benefits of using App Push Notifications include:

App Push Notifications display differently on their respective platforms:

iOS Locked Screen
iOS Locked Screen
iOS Notification Banner
iOS Notification Banner
iOS Alert
iOS Alert
Android Banner
Android Banner
Android Locked
Android Locked

App Push Notifications Feature Support

The table below describes the differences in feature support between iOS and Android.

iOS Android
Permissions Soft ask support available (required on all platforms for promotional push messages in EU) Soft ask support available (required on all platforms for promotional push messages in EU)
Body character limits 117 characters for lockscreen and 128 characters for alert style notification (4 lines) 97 characters for banner style (2 lines) Depends on device. 1 line in preview with ability to expand to 8 lines
Direct app open Yes Yes
Deep link support Yes Yes
User control of app level push notifications Yes Newer versions of Android have this setting. Not required opt-in.
Image support No Can customize the notification image for the whole app
App badging No No
Sound support No No
Payload limit 2 kilobytes 4 kilobytes
Interactive buttons No No
Feedback Not from an app, rather through APNs Feedback Server Yes, response from the App/Device
Direct app feedback on delivery No No
Device management iOS adds message to Notification Center. iOS 9 chronologically; iOS 7-8 by app Android allows for notifications to be displayed on lock screen App decides whether to display or hide
Message queuing for offline devices Stores only one unsent, more recent message Can store 99 messages Updates based on collapse keys
Two way messaging support No No
Multi-device Messaging No No

Visit our best practices page to learn how to send effective push notifications.