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Behaviour Filters

Filter Name Description Possible Values Supported Channels
SHOPPER VISITED URL PATH Target any shopper with push notifications enabled, who has visited a specific URL path on your site. Exact URL match Web Push Notifications

Shopper Visited URL Path

A visited URL path is a page on your website that your shopper has previously landed on. Engagement Engine captures visited pages for a shopper, from which the Connection Center uses in order to help you filter the audience you wish to target. There is a 24 hour period from when the shopper visits a URL, to the Engagement Engine making it available to the Connection Center.

We will be decreasing this window in the near future as part of a future product release.

Let’s take a look at how this works with a campaign that includes a push notification.

From the total push notification subscribers you have available to receive a message, you can target the potential participants by a URL the shopper has visited. For example, you can target a group of shoppers that recently visited a product category on your site and send them a push notification about a new promotion related to that category.

Behaviour Filter


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