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Design principles

Design principles are the guiding light for any software application. Google has outlined its design principles for AMP here. These, along with Mobify’s design principles, should always be kept in mind when designing for AMP:

User experience comes first

Always prioritise UX over ease of implementation or the developer experience. Doing what’s best for the end user is the goal. Always.

Evolution not revolution

AMP templates should be designed on the back on an already great PWA experience. Consider AMP a technology tool for accelerating UX, not redefining it.

AMP is invisible to the user

Design for users that neither know nor care what AMP is or how it works. Instant access to content and fast intuitive actions are all they care about.

AMP is a child of PWA

Only select PWA templates will become AMP pages, and users may well navigate both PWA and AMP in a single session. Both experiences should exist cohesively in the eyes of the user.


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