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Upgrade guide for Node 10

Note: The Node.js 10 upgrade instructions described here are only applicable to AMP projects. They’re not applicable for Progressive Web Apps, or native apps.

Mobify targets are the environments that run your AMP application using Node.js. Previously, targets used Node.js version 8.10.x but that's changing going forward, as version 8 will be discontinued in January 2020.

To prevent unpredictable behavior and ensure security, Mobify customers and their partners must upgrade their version of Node.js to 10.17.0 by January 1st, 2020.

This requires testing and deploying a Node.js 10.x bundle to your production target.

Note: After January 1st 2020, all deployed bundles will use Node.js 10.

This is a requirement for customers to fulfill their responsibilities within Mobify's shared responsibility model. Typically, Node.js upgrades will happen every two years.

Please follow these instructions to deploy a Node.js 10.x bundle to your production target:

  1. In your project’s package.json file, check to see if your package.json file has an entry for
    “mobify”: {
     “runtime”: “[value]”
    If the entry exists, update its value to nodejs10.x. If the entry does not exist, add the following entry to your package.json file:
    "mobify": {
     "runtime": "nodejs10.x"
    You’ll also need to find and update the value for the "engines”: “node” keys to “10.x”. Your package.json file should look something like the following screenshot following these updates:
  2. If your project is actively using Appveyor, you’ll also need to open your project's appveyor.yml file, and update the nodejs_version value to “10”. Your appveyor.yml file should look something like the following after doing so:
  3. Push a new bundle with Mobify Cloud to your production target. Open your project in Mobify Cloud, and verify that the bundle you pushed is using Node.js 10.x. Your bundles will be marked with the version of Node.js which has been used to push them. See the following screenshot for an example view of this:
  4. Test the bundle to check for any regressions prior to actually publishing the bundle. After you publish a new bundle with an updated Node.js version, you won't be able to roll back to a bundle with an older Node.js version.

After following these steps, you can rest assured that your production target will now be running on Node.js 10. If you’re experiencing any difficulties with your upgrade, be sure to contact Mobify Support.


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